The Kane Family Tree


This page is only partially complete. Please come back as I add more.

I now have the first edition of my new GeneWeb page! It is only my Fathers side of the family. But, it is a start. As I learn more, I will add the rest. I have more notes, just not enough time to add them to this page. If you are looking for someone, come back in a few weeks, I might have more then!

Take a look at the Kane Family's current search page. I am using GeneWeb. I searched for a versatile program that allows updates via the web. When I found this one, I found it to fit the bill perfectly.

If you are part of my family, let me know if you want to help keep these pages up to date. I can give you a password and you can make corrections yourself. Here is the documentation on how to use the editing features of the database.

Major family names to be added:

  • Brickner
  • Kane
  • Kimbro
  • La Claire
  • Seetch | Seecs | Sich
  • Snyder | Snider
  • Thorton
  • Watts

    The Kane Family information I have in paper notes is all keyed in. Kimbro, Seetch, and Snyder are next on my to-do list. I want to get those notes keyed in soon.

    Brickner and LaClaire are being done by relatives. I will get the information they have added here. We need to work out a way to keep things updated first.

    Thorton is my great grandmothers last name. I know nothing about her, and have very little to go on. I list it so this page can generate hits of others who may be able to link her to her ancestors.

    Finally, Watts is my wife's maiden name. I have some name information going 2 and 3 generations back, but nothing more. The descendants other than my wife's brothers and sisters are not included. Just her grandmothers parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, and uncles. Her Dad was an only child, so nothing to add there. I will probably get into that family in 2002 or later. I have been told someone in that family already has a tree made. Maybe I will get lucky, and it will be on computer so I can import it too.

    Here is a list of other genealogy resources.

  • The Genealogy Home Page
    Ok, I guess I could at least tell you about my self and my family!

    First, I was born in 1963, my wife in 1959. I like older women! I have two boys. One born in 1990 the other in 1992. Great little guys.

    I have a text file of my grandfathers family. The spelling is Seecs, Seetch or Sich. I have seen it spelled all three ways. I have lot's of information about them since that was written. Just need time to enter the stuff into the database and re-write what I need to learn.

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    Last updated Aug 15, 2001.